Call centre

Bigtree has the experience of running an In-house call centre for more than 4 years. The call center handles booking and delivery of tickets for more than 50 cinemas with 16 call centres & approx. 250 employees working across the country. Bigtree has handled ticket volumes of up to 10000 tickets on a single day. It has built considerable knowledge and has specialized in fields relating to software, operations, delivery mechanisms and most of all understanding consumer behaviour. Bigtree aims to maximize ticket sales via the call centre. These call centers provide cinema information, book tickets, manage database, provide information, collects data and dispatches the tickets for delivery. The system is efficient and simple, giving the customers the option of getting information and buying tickets by just making a call. The tickets can also be delivered at the customer's doorstep or may opt for a will pickup option at the cinema any time before the show by paying through credit card. Distribution of tickets is an important aspect of the purchase experience in the cinema business. The easier we make it for our customers to get tickets, the more we stand to gain by taking him away from easier sources of entertainment like watching movies at home or going out to eat. Bigtree has set up call centers powered by its Bigtree DIAL (Delivery Information Analysis Logistics) software that tracks each and every details of booking call. It also offers its (Interactive Voice Response) solution which has dual language capability of offering information, book tickets and run contests. The agents managing the call centre are trained by Communication Analysts (CAN), a company that specializes in call centre training.

Cinema's across country
Bigtree has successfully set up call centres across India situated at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Gujarat, and Pune for major cinemas like:

  1. Adlabs
  2. Fame
  3. PVR
  4. Fun
  5. Cinemax
  6. WAVE
  7. M2K
  8. 24 Karat Cinemas