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About Rentrak:

Rentrak is one of the largest box-office tracking and analysis companies in the world. It supplies business intelligence software to the entertainment industry like cinemas, distributors, producers etc. Rentrak is the geographical representation of hourly box office reviews and analysis regional market share of movies under various territories. Being one of the most powerful tools available for data analysis it allows the cinema team to create reports daily for data analysis. Reports can be created for tickets, concessions, daily performance, payment methods, etc. Rentrak's tracking system; International Box Office Essential's (IBOE) is solely represented in India by Bigtree Entertainment. Rentrak India site was launched with five locations reporting live data and currently there are 45 locations which report live on this site. As all the information is available instantly through Box Office Essentials it improves executives' ability to make fast, well-informed decisions about where to focus on critical marketing and promotional investments and activities. Rentrak would continue to expand its state-of-the-art business intelligence tools and services to benefit a wide array of businesses, both within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Why use Rentrak?


  1. Cinemas can compare a film's performance periodically.
  2. Market share for a particular film can be analyzed and reported and this can be accessed at any point of time.
  3. A cinema will be able to share its data with other cinemas and hence can access all cinema data across India. Basically each cinema can see the others data.
  4. Having information available instantly through Box Office Essentials it improves Cinema executives' ability to make fast, well-informed decisions.