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Vista specializes in providing top quality software solutions to the cinema market worldwide. It is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your box office needs, which allows you to sell tickets, concessions and manage the cinema accounts simply and efficiently. It offers a truly integrated information management system and streamlines the way in which theatres are operated, generating significant benefits for both customers and cinema operators. Vista has all the functions that that a cinema operator would want, along with the flexibility and ease of use to make the system a pleasure to use.

The main aims of the Vista system are to:

. Reduce customer queuing
. Increase the spend per customer
. Reduce staff training costs
. Provide outstanding cinema operations functionality & information
. Provide a stable high performance system
. Be available on a wide range of industry standard hardware
. Be a cost effective solution in a wide range of cinema sizes
. Provide a wide range of selling methods ie. point of sale, kiosk, touch-tone phone etc

Vista was designed for flexibility enabling the configuration of a cinema into a single point of sale for both tickets and concessions or separate selling points for each, or a mix of both modes in the same cinema.

Vista has been extensively customized for the Indian environment and it is the only cinema software that is successfully running in all major cinema chains across India.